On Madmen, Russia and Ukraine

This entry provides a longer analysis and documentation of points I will make in a public forum sponsored by Shawnee State University on the conflict in Ukraine on 3-16-22. The Russian invasion of Ukraine is clearly a violation of international law, has destabilized the international order and resulted in a humanitarian catastrophe. Moreover, rather than … Continue reading On Madmen, Russia and Ukraine

Those who fail to study of History of Economic thought…

are apparently doomed to repeat old theories as new. I typically save entries on this blog for times when I am able to write an in depth, longer analysis of some issue that has piqued my interest. This entry however will be relatively concise because I see the issues as being rather simple. An article … Continue reading Those who fail to study of History of Economic thought…

Evolutionary Social Theory Chapter Two: Overview

                       Biology and  Evolutionary Social Theory in the early and mid 19th Century While efforts to understand the process of social change during the Enlightenment were envisioned as a form of “social Newtonism”,  evolutionary social theory in the early and mid-19th century increasingly looked to Naturalism as its model science. At the same time, Empiricism, … Continue reading Evolutionary Social Theory Chapter Two: Overview

Evolutionary Social Theory: Chapter One Overview

Chapter One                       Social Newtonism and the Origins of Evolutionary Social Theory Introduction In this chapter I examine the origins of Evolutionary Social Theory and its relationship to Political Economy during the Enlightenment. I argue that social theory during this period can be usefully thought of as “Social Newtonism”, by which I mean the application … Continue reading Evolutionary Social Theory: Chapter One Overview

Introduction to Evolutionary Social Theory

This is the current Introduction to my book, Evolutionary Social Theory which I anticipate will be forthcoming with Routledge within the next year. I anticipate having a completed draft of the study in approximately 3 months. As you may note reading back over this blog, there have been substantial modifications in the scope of this … Continue reading Introduction to Evolutionary Social Theory