Evolutionary Social Theory: Progress

After a significant amount of additional research and some initial difficulties in actually getting my thoughts down on paper, my book project, Evolutionary Social Theory is now well underway, with two draft chapters essentially complete. I have an official contract with Routledge and I'm working on a two year timeline with a goal of approximately … Continue reading Evolutionary Social Theory: Progress

The Elections: What Lessons Can be learned?

As the results came in on election night, it initially appeared  that Biden had lost the Presidential elections and that the Democratic Party had suffered a disastrous loss. With the votes now mostly counted however, it is clear that the final performance of both Biden and the Party while not the "blowout" anticipated, were also … Continue reading The Elections: What Lessons Can be learned?

Dueling Cancel Cultures

This post was edited to incorporate relevant information which I was not aware of when I first wrote it. This information adds perspective to the issue, but it does not undermine my original argument. Recently, a number of prominent media pundits and academics published a letter  in Harper's Magazine and elsewhere calling for both Justice … Continue reading Dueling Cancel Cultures

Epistemology and COVID 19

In the 20th Century, the philosopher  Karl Popper  drew the boundaries of demarcation between science and pseudoscience in terms of falsification. Exactly what Popper did and did not mean by falsification can be disputed. But the history of the philosophy of science throughout the 20th century has at leats taught us that distinguishing warranted and unwarranted claims … Continue reading Epistemology and COVID 19

Ohio’s Free Speech on Campus Bill

The Ohio has recently passed Senate Bill 40 , aka "Forming Open and Robust University Minds Act". It will most likely be signed by the governor, thus creating a State Law to protect the free speech clause of the First Amendment to the US Constitution at Ohio public universities. The bill would bring an end … Continue reading Ohio’s Free Speech on Campus Bill

No Cheers for Garcetti

A recent lawsuit against my own University by a colleague of mine alleging violation of his First Amendment rights to speech, exercise of religion along and  due process has been dismissed  on summary judgement in the U.S. District Court for Southern Ohio. The professor in this case is represented by  The Alliance Defending Freedom. The dismissal … Continue reading No Cheers for Garcetti

Are we really all constructivists now?

I've taught International Political Economy for 20 years and to be fair, I've tended to give Constructivism short shrift, choosing instead to devote my time to Realism, Liberalism and Marxism. This semester however, I decided to be a bit more thorough, and hopefully fair, about the possible contributions and shortcomings of Constructivism. In the process … Continue reading Are we really all constructivists now?