Who’s afraid of Socialism?

As a recent  article in the  The New Republic  notes, the word "socialism" has become virtually meaningless in American politics.  President Trump throws the word around as a scare tactic ,  Kamala Harris disavows it,  Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Octavio Cortes celebrate it, while others use it as a euphemism for National Health Insurance. It is not surprising … Continue reading Who’s afraid of Socialism?

Evolutionary Political Economy and Philosophy

In this entry I will lay out a short, preliminary sketch of some philosophical problems in Evolutionary Political Economy. The reader may wish to note that this is part of a planned book length project on evolutionary political economy and that the problems I am writing about today are intended to form at least part … Continue reading Evolutionary Political Economy and Philosophy

The Greatest Trick of the Devil

In a recent Article in American Affairs, economist Phillip Mirowski presents an interesting and cogent argument that Neo-liberalism is a well organized, well funded, and quasi-coherent vision of political economy. He argues for the existence of what he terms a Neo-liberal Thought Collective (NTC) which only partially overlaps with Neo-Classical Economics.  In Mirowski's view, the … Continue reading The Greatest Trick of the Devil

Initial Reflections on today’s exchange.

I had a great discussion/exchange of views today with my friend and colleague in the English and Humanities Department, Mich Niyawalo, on The Economic Consequences of the Peace. I can say quite honestly that I learned a bit from Mich's presentation and our conversation afterwards. Professor Niyawalo will be providing me with a written text … Continue reading Initial Reflections on today’s exchange.

Slouching Towards Secular Stagnation: Part 2

In a previous post I discussed the recent turn of some notable mainstream economists towards reconsideration of Alvin Hansen’s thesis of secular stagnation. It would seem that there is a more general trend at work here, which embodies at least two themes: A modest revival of some parts of the “Old Keynesian” class of models, … Continue reading Slouching Towards Secular Stagnation: Part 2