Evolutionary Social Theory Chapter Two: Overview

                       Biology and  Evolutionary Social Theory in the early and mid 19th Century While efforts to understand the process of social change during the Enlightenment were envisioned as a form of “social Newtonism”,  evolutionary social theory in the early and mid-19th century increasingly looked to Naturalism as its model science. At the same time, Empiricism, … Continue reading Evolutionary Social Theory Chapter Two: Overview

Evolutionary Social Theory: Chapter One Overview

Chapter One                       Social Newtonism and the Origins of Evolutionary Social Theory Introduction In this chapter I examine the origins of Evolutionary Social Theory and its relationship to Political Economy during the Enlightenment. I argue that social theory during this period can be usefully thought of as “Social Newtonism”, by which I mean the application … Continue reading Evolutionary Social Theory: Chapter One Overview

Introduction to Evolutionary Social Theory

This is the current Introduction to my book, Evolutionary Social Theory which I anticipate will be forthcoming with Routledge within the next year. I anticipate having a completed draft of the study in approximately 3 months. As you may note reading back over this blog, there have been substantial modifications in the scope of this … Continue reading Introduction to Evolutionary Social Theory

Evolutionary Social Theory: Progress

After a significant amount of additional research and some initial difficulties in actually getting my thoughts down on paper, my book project, Evolutionary Social Theory is now well underway, with two draft chapters essentially complete. I have an official contract with Routledge and I'm working on a two year timeline with a goal of approximately … Continue reading Evolutionary Social Theory: Progress