Does economics need axiomatic foundaions?

In my previous posts on secular stagnation I noted the common threads between the New Classical effort to build macroeconomics on the foundations of neo-Walrasian general equilibrium theory and the ways in which mainstream Keynesians have found themselves in a decades long cul de sac of ad hoc reasoning. While I agree with the arguments … Continue reading Does economics need axiomatic foundaions?

Slouching Towards Secular Stagnation: Part 2

In a previous post I discussed the recent turn of some notable mainstream economists towards reconsideration of Alvin Hansen’s thesis of secular stagnation. It would seem that there is a more general trend at work here, which embodies at least two themes: A modest revival of some parts of the “Old Keynesian” class of models, … Continue reading Slouching Towards Secular Stagnation: Part 2